Dr Anastasia Brif

A picture of Dr Anastasia Brif

Research Interests

  • Bio-inspired materials
  • Biomimetics
  • Materials Characterisation

Biography and previous work

Anastasia received her BSc. in Biomedical Engineering in 2012 from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. During her final year of studies, she worked in a start-up company (Augma Biomaterials) developing innovative bone substitute materials. Following that experience, she has decided to focus her attention on the field of materials science and pursued a research based MSc. in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the same university, which she completed in 2014.

She was a part of the Bio-Inspired Surface Engineering and Biomineralisation group, under the supervision of Prof. Boaz Pokroy. Her research focused on the use of bio-inspired approach to incorporate organic molecules into the crystal structure of ceramic materials to alter their properties. As part of her work, she gained significant knowledge and experience operating advanced characterisation equipment such as electron microscopy, spectroscopy, and regularly performed HR-XRD analysis at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, France.

On October 2014, Anastasia received the University Prize Scholarship from the University of Sheffield and started her PhD in the department of Materials Science & Engineering.

Current Work

Anastasia's research focuses on laser structuring of natural materials.


  • WBC 2016 - polymer solutions trainee award
  • University Prize Scholarship, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Summa Cum Laude, MSc. in Materials Science & Engineering
  • Graduate Excellency Award, Department of Materials Engineering, Technion, Israel
  • Best Poster Award, Israel Vacuum Society Conference (IVS), 2013, Herzeliya, Israel.