Maria Bisong-Achu

A picture of Maria Bisong-Achu

Research Interests

  • Environmental Sustainability

Biography and previous work

I am Bisong-Achu, Maria Kaka, a Nigerian national from Cross River State. I attended the Federal Government Girls College in Calabar from 2001-2004, where I obtained my West African Secondary School Certificate. I studied for my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cross River University of Technology from 2007-2012. In addition to my studies, I delivered tutorials to second year mechanics and third year heat transfer classes, and assisted in the preparation of their results. For my industrial training I was attached to the mechanical workshop of Crushed Rock Industries, where we dealt with servicing, repair and management of the heavy duty trucks used in the quarry for transferring stone. In my final year project, I worked on renewable energy systems (Solar Energy), carrying out an analysis of the economic viability of using solar energy in the school.

I am also a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

Current Work

I am working on measuring the thermal properties of spider silk as there are wide disparities on the thermal conductivity of this silk in the literature. This will be done with the aid of newly built apparatus, which uses a data acquisition instrument to generate signals in the program LABView. Testing of various other fibres will also be undertaken to further the analysis.

Personal interests

Hobbies include fashion design, volleyball and scrabble.