A picture of Pierre-louis

Research Interests

  • Materials processing
  • Materials synthesis
  • Materials characterisation
  • Bio and bio-sourced polymers

Biography and previous work

I am a French summer student in the Natural Materials Group. I have studied physics and chemistry for 2 years at Joseph Fourier’s University in Grenoble, France, where I developed a taste for materials science and decided to integrate materials science into my studies at the French university-related engineering school network Polytech’ in Grenoble. After one year there I decided to go abroad during the summer to further study biomaterials as this field is not covered in depth in my school.

Current Work

My work in the group is to study the morphological diversity of silkworm species and more precisely the silk of their cocoons. A previous student set up a protocol to analyse this diversity but did not have enough time to study a wide range of species. I am continuing her experiments in order to increase the range of silkworm species studied. I am also looking for a new way of studying silkworm cocoons and trying to design an experimental protocol to distinguish the gender of silkworms using UV-light analysis and consider the effect of gender on the mechanical properties of the silk produced.

Personal interests

I like discovering cultures and people and travel is a huge part of that. As a gourmet and a chemist, I obviously love cooking.